3 Bear-Themed Slot Games for Animal Lovers

Bears have been able to influence pop culture. Not only do they have books, songs, and even movies with this adorable creature as the main character but there also are plenty of slot machines based on bears.

Below there’s a list of the best slot machines that feature this adorable species and its habitat.

Bear’s Corner Slot

With this slot machine, you will be able to enjoy a great variety of bears as protagonists, as polar bears, grizzly bears, black bears, and even pandas are part of the ensemble. Here, all these bears return to nature to live in the woods.

You can use these symbols to complete winning lines and win free spins. Every time you win, you will hear a bear roar.

Fear the Bear

This game is available for mobile phones, tablets, and desktop devices. It offers beautiful graphics inspired by koala and interesting bonus features. These games are available to play on the PlayAmo casino mobile app.

Playtech, one of the best slot machine developers in the world, made this slot machine. You will be able to enter a landscape full of eucalyptus trees, reptiles, and a relaxing soundtrack. The maximum bet size goes up to $100.00 per spin.

Bear Tracks Slots

In this game, you will see different bears as the main theme on the reels. This game is very eye-catching. You will be able to experience adventures in the green mountains.

It offers a lot of flexibility with betting options. The coin values are between $0.01 and $2.50. The maximum bet is $80. The bonus symbol will allow you to have free spins and spin the reels without spending credit on it. After enjoying these slot machines, you will surely feel like going for a walk in the mountains and photographing big bears.

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