About Bear Smart BC

Our founder Mattie C. Duncan has always been a charismatic and passionate woman with a soft heart for animals. Her parents were renowned veterinarians and they always rescued sick or run-over animals to cure them and set them free.

Her parents’ house was big and it was near a forest. One cold Sunday morning, her dad came home with a wounded bear cub. It was bleeding profusely.

Her father told her that he had gone to get wood for the fireplace and on the way he saw how some hunters were trying to take the little cub away from the mother bear. Unfortunately, the mother bear died and the cub was left alive.

Her father took the little bear and rushed it home where he could heal its wounds. After two weeks of care, the little bear’s wounds healed, and her dad took Mattie to watch him release the bear into the woods. From that day on, nothing would be the same for her.

She majored in animal rights and environmental law and works as a volunteer rescuing endangered bears around the world. She created an association to raise funds to preserve the forests where bears and endangered animals live, becoming an activist.

However, her work doesn’t stop there. She decided to create this online magazine to share with people around the world and raise awareness, as bears are endangered creatures. They’re wild animals that cannot be treated lightly. Learning about the dangers of bear-human conflicts and how to have safe encounters with this specie is necessary for preservation.