Bears and Their Importance for the Ecosystem

Bears are part of a noble and very important specie for our ecosystem. We all know that all animals have a deed in this world, but what exactly is the part that bears play? In this article, we’ll share with you some facts to learn more about the importance of bears for the ecosystem.

Bears Fertilize the Area they Live In

Forests need bears for their fertilization, as by dragging the salmon they hunt to eat from the river and leaving the scraps of fish and fruits on the ground more plants can grow. Also, like good predators, bears maintain a balance in nature by controlling deer and elk overpopulation.

Bears as Human Study

Although bears sleep for half the year, when they wake up, they keep their bones strong. Many studies are being conducted because of this behaviour to find a lead that helps humans and bears combat osteoporosis, kidney disorders, and to maintain organ preservation.

Bears in Canada

In Canada, tourism is increasing every year thanks to bears. People from all over the world come to photograph bears and marvel at these creatures that live in well-preserved habitats.

Bears and Pop Culture

Bears are also part of pop culture. Many stories, tales, songs, and movies have bears as the main character.

Many clothing brands and designers are inspired by bear fur to create innovative designs. Also, not only have bears influenced clothing but also home décor, baby room décor and children’s stuffed animals. It’s of great importance to promoting education about this important species. Today many people hunt them to sell their fur. For centuries, bears have proven to be essential in maintaining the balance between nature and human life.

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