Top Resources

Below you will find some resources that will allow you to complement and verify the information shared in our magazine.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

On this website, you can read interesting documents published by wildlife protectors in Colorado. Learn about the techniques used by them at the time of a close encounter with a bear.


Here you will find all the information you need about problematic humans and the effects of human-bear conflict.

Human-Wildlife Conflict

This website is dedicated to raising awareness about bear-human conflicts. You will be able to read a wide variety of documents dealing with the subject and advice on preserving the environment of these species.

Berryman Institute

Berryman Institute is dedicated to the preservation of bear habitat. Through education, research, and information outreach, they teach people how to prepare for future encounters with bears and how to avoid an accident between the two species.

Bear Smart

Here you can learn about bears in America. Where they are found, how many species there are, their food and diet, and how to act in case a bear approaches your house.


Here you can read about conflict resolution between humans and bears. You will find a complete global study of countries, experts, and key factors you can’t miss.


In this website, you will find a section dedicated to the recovery of the grizzly bear and the reduction of the conflict between humans and bears. Government resources and strategies to reduce human-bear conflict are also discussed.

Bear Smart Durango

Bear Smart Durango is dedicated to promoting wildlife education for black bears. You will read interesting articles where they teach why humans should not feed black bears, what to do if you have a close encounter with a black bear, and what to do to keep areas near bear habitats squeaky clean. 

National Geographic

National Geographic is the go-to magazine when it comes to promoting education and good treatment of our ecosystem and animals. Here you will find interesting articles about bears from all over the world.